A D&RGW timeline

Sidebar by Central Staff

Transportation – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

1880: The Denver & Rio Grande wins the Royal Gorge War with the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé, and builds a narrow-gauge line west from Ca$on City up the Arkansas as far as Crane Park, near the summit of Tennessee Pass.

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When in doubt, vote no

Essay by Ellen Miller

Politics – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Early voting started too early — on Oct. 13 — and it guarantees one thing. More political ads for a longer period of time. It’s too bad, because candidates used to marshal their money for a last-minute blitz that went on for maybe a week. Now we get three weeks of it, at least.

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Focus on Colorado

Review by Hal Walter

New magazine – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Focus on Colorado

Bi-monthly magazine

ORIGINALLY THE EDITOR asked me to review a new magazine available free in Custer County called Focus on Colorado.

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The Rise of Climax Molybdenum

Article by Steve Voynick

Mining History – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Author’s note: Fourteen years ago, much of the region covered by Colorado Central stepped to the economic, social, and cultural beat of the Climax Molybdenum Mine. In 1981, the Climax Mine, one of the world’s largest, had 3,100 employees and an $8O million annual payroll. Employees commuted from places as distant as Kremmling, Denver, Saguache, Texas Creek, and Eagle, but most lived in Leadville, Buena Vista, and Salida.

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Notes and Commentary for November 1994

Brief by Various

Sundry – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Electing water boards

DENVER — “No taxation without representation” inspired a revolution in 1776, but that principle seems to have been forgotten when it comes to water in Colorado.

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The Edifice Complex

Article by Christina Nealson

Crestone pyramid – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

You remember the polished pink granite pyramid, the “architectural masterpiece” transmitted by the Ascended Masters to aid the enlightened to move from the third dimension to the fifth?

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The Wal-Mart article was cogent

Letter from Susan Alpert

Small Towns – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Martha and Ed,

Thanks much for sending the copy of your magazine. I found it most interesting and it aroused more than a little homesickness for Colorado. Salida sounds like a great small town, like so many others in Colorado, and just the opposite of big city, big tourist, big growing Las Vegas.

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Slavery is traditional, too

Letter from John Walker

Hunting – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine


Although slavery is one of humanity’s oldest activities, it’s condemned by many modern people. This shocking statement, simplistic in its evocation of ancient tradition to rationalize a practice that is rightfully fading into the evolutionary mists of human history, assumes a high level of credibility when the word “hunting” is substituted for “slavery,” according to Chas Clifton, author of the essay “The Nature of the Hunt.” (published in the October ’94 edition of Colorado Central).

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Everybody counts

Essay by Linda Budd

Mountain Life – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Early morning sunlight crashes through wide windows and soaks into the cabin’s crudely cut cedar paneling. I’m out on the deck feeding whiskey jacks and finches when the phone rings.

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