The Speed Traps of Colorado

Brief by Central Staff

Transportation – July 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

‘Tis the summer driving season, and there’s a site on the Internet with a state-by-state list of alleged speed traps.

You may not be surprised to learn that Colorado has its share, and so we thought we’d pass along the pertinent reports.

This inspires a moral question: Does this encourage speeding? We hope not. Instead, we encourage you to take it easy, and enjoy the scenery, especially in these places:

Fairplay: The entire town is one big speed trap.

Alma: Right near Fairplay and just as bad.

Highway 285: Colorado state patrol is quite fond of VASCAR from Saguache south to Center. May be more popular during holiday weekends.

Del Norte: They patrol constantly and the speed limit in town is very low.

Highway 50: West of Monarch Pass until 15 miles east of Gunnison. Keep speed under 60. It is a nice straight flat highway, very tempting to go 75-80 mph and the Highway Patrol is very aware of it.

U.S. Highway 24 from Manitou Springs to Divide: One big speed trap. State funds highway patrol to monitor this highway all the way to Cripple Creek. They use instant-on radar and very fast cars to come up on you from behind. They also use unmarked cars and Broncos. They will let you go five over but will ticket for speeds over that. They have also been known to use the bear in the sky. Don’t get too excited about winning all that money in Cripple Creek and get a speeding ticket on the way. Be cool, have fun, but don’t donate to the state.

Minturn: Highway 6 and 24 heading east into Minturn from the I-70 exit is heavily patrolled, so keep it down to 40. Be especially careful when approaching town to obey the reduction in speed to 25 mph. Things get much mellower east of town toward Battle Mountain.

Ridgway: Just before you come into Ridgway there is a steep downhill grade. The speed limits changes from 35 to a school zone. Cop sits up the street with radar.

Colorado Springs: The new U.S. 24 bypass that leads from Fountain to I-25 both north and south. Usually there are two motor cops and one in a Caprice sitting on the bridge right before the off-ramps; they usually pull over people for at least three hours at a time. The other spot is right when you enter I-25 between the Airport exit and Circle Drive exit. They sit under the overpass or on the on-ramp behind the trees. They are doing a very good business.