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Thanks for the compliment

Letter from Harvey N. Gardiner

Colorado Central – May 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Editors:

With each issue of Colorado Central I am always inspired to write to you and tell you how much I enjoy your magazine. I don’t get around to it, which is just as well because I am sure a monthly letter from me telling you that I have been inspired by your most recent edition would be very boring, not to mention repetitious.

That said, I really enjoyed the article concerning RS-2477 roads, and, in a recent edition, the article about Lincoln and the Chicago-based economy of the West. I also know more of the politics of Salida and Chaffee County than I do of the city and county where I reside, because I find it a nuisance to sort through the pages of wall-to-wall advertising, aka the local newspaper.

Colorado Central presents ideas and information in a size that I can handle and enjoy. Feel free to use this phrase in future advertising, gratis. I wonder who it is who thinks that people can deal with, much less comprehend, all the information today.

On NPR recently it was stated that some noteworthy person, whose name I don’t remember, said that the mark of a truly great mind is the ability to hold two thoughts simultaneously. But … I can’t recall what my point is here … most of the information flung at us these days is irrelevant to our lives.

I will end this unsolicited testimonial of appreciation by saying, I enjoy reading Colorado Central, keep it up.

Harvey N. Gardiner