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Telephone service cheaper on the moon?

Brief by Central Staff

Communications – September 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Connie Butler, who lives three miles from Jefferson, wrote a letter to the Fairplay Flume, observing that “I applied for US West telephone service two years ago March, and I still have no phone. I have signed three contracts with them, received a work order number, a telephone number, but I still do not have a phone.”

Not only that, but she’s still generating her own electricity, since the utilities want a lot of money to run a mile of wire. “I paid $15,000 for my 35 acres, $70,000 for my house, $4,500 for my well, and $3,500 for my septic system, and now I am told that I will have to take a loan out the size of my house mortgage just to get electric service.”

She concluded that “I really think it is probably quicker to get telephones and other utilities to the moon, and I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper.”