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How to trespass on your own property

Letter from Carolyn Jackson

Hunting – September 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine


We are third-generation Coloradans, but we have no first-hand experience living in a small community. We hope to be able to move from the Denver area back into the mountains (what a unique concept, right?).

We want to get along and be neighborly, but are very confused about how that can happen. For instance, my husband had permission from adjoining property owners to hunt on their land. But he was constantly harassed by people he didn’t know who demanded that he leave the area when, in fact, they didn’t know where they were, and he had to explain to them that they were trespassing. There were so many people on our property that my husband had to use a turn signal to merge onto our private road.

The rancher says (now — after the fact) that he thought we understood when we bought the property that we had to leave our property open to everyone with a high-powered rifle. My husband will hunt in Durango this year, not on our own property. We need mediation, and some idea of the local’s perspective.


Carolyn Jackson