Little Pond Big Issues

A FEW YEARS BACK we visited relatives on their small farm in Vermont. I had never been that far northeast. It was lush and green with healthy woodlands bordering the roads. One night we gathered around a large fire. As folks began heading to bed, I looked back at the fire and asked our cousin, …

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El Agua es Vida

EL AGUA ES VIDA, OR TRANSLATED: WATER IS LIFE. The July ’22 issue of Colorado Central Magazine had no less than five items concerning water. The primary item was George Sibley’s article regarding the Colorado River Compact. With all that emphasis on the “life blood” of our region, state, nation and planet, this offering provides …

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It’s not trespassing if it’s an aquifer

Brief by Central Staff

Water Law – May 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

If someone stores and removes water from an aquifer under your property, is that trespassing? Not according to the Colorado Supreme Court, which issued a ruling on a Park County case on April 8.

It’s the latest twist in a long legal saga. Briefly, it started with a plan by the City of Aurora to acquire water in South Park during wet years. Rather than store it in the usual above-ground reservoir, the water would be pumped down into an aquifer that spread across 115 square miles, and water would be removed in dry years.

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