Pursuing Uranium in Fremont County


By Joe Stone

The Tallahassee Creek area in western Fremont County offers a degree of serenity conducive to a contemplative lifestyle, evidenced by the presence of a monastic retreat on the banks of Tallahassee Creek. This bucolic setting between Salida and Cañon City seemed ideal, not only to the monks and nuns of the Monastery of Our Lady and Saint Laurence, but also to the urban refugees who built homes and hobby ranches in the area during the past 25 years. But what once seemed like the idyllic manifestation of lifelong dreams took a nightmarish turn when residents realized a mining company owned the rights to the uranium that lies beneath their property.

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Cotter won’t process radioactive waste

Brief by Central Staff

Uranium – April 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine

The Cotter Corporation, which owns Colorado’s only uranium mill in Cañon City, has abandoned a plan to process radioactive material from New Jersey. In 2002, the company received a contract to handle 470,000 tons of low-level radioactive waste to be transported from the Maywood Superfund Site.

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