Colonel Pfeiffer’s Grave

Article by Marcia Darnell

Roadside Attraction – June 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

CALLING THE COLONEL PFEIFFER grave site a roadside attraction is a bit inaccurate. Although the signs guiding visitors to the site begin on U.S. 160, the trek is a little more challenging than just pulling off the highway. But that’s only fitting for a man whose life was filled with challenges.

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How “Calf Rock” appeared at Red Hill in 1947

Letter from Ruth Weeks Sparling

Roadside Attraction – March 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

How `Calf Rock’ appeared on Red Hill Ranch in 1947 and once fooled the owner

To the Editor:

Re: Your January 1997 edition, Page 4, “Calf Rock Remains a Mystery.”

Our family has been amused for years that the public seems to have taken our “cow rock” to their hearts! Yes, we think of it as ours, because at the time it was first painted, the ranch on which it is located, “Red Hill Ranch,” lying partly in that beautiful valley between Red Hill and Ranniker Ridge, belonged to our family. Here is how it all started.

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