B1 Energy: a sustainable recycling plan

DO YOU EVER THINK ABOUT where your recycling goes after you place it in the bin?  Do you ever contemplate the ever-increasing mounds of trash in the landfills and wonder how it is affecting climate change? Well, John Armstrong, of Salida, thinks about these things all the time. He has been re-imagining a state-of-the-art recycling …

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The Art and Business of Recycling

I’M A PRETTY GOOD RECYCLER. I don’t mind separating the materials and making periodic treks to the public recycle center, where I put recyclables in separate containers for collection. It makes me feel good. And it’s free. Or was free. Effective April 2021, Chaffee County no longer has public drop-off sites for recycling. Our only …

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Looking at ways to re-use construction materials

Brief by Allen Best

Recycling – April 2003 – Colorado Central Magazine

A study is underway to examine whether a construction materials reuse center is feasible in the Gunnison area.

Spare lumber is often used for firewood, but most unused material ends up in the landfill, says one of the center’s proponents, Melanie Rees. The idea is to collect building scraps, unused materials, and items displaced during remodeling such as sinks and maybe even furniture. These items are then paired with new owners.

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