The Real Deal Music Review: Pint & A Half – Boomtown Ghosts

By Brian Rill

Pint & A Half return from their part-time gig as Smeltertown ghost whisperers to record the stories of forgotten souls who paved the way through old mining town memories, while raising a rags-to-riches fairy tale in this western small town paradise of Salida, Colorado. Regrouping, the pair this time collaborates with legendary producer Don Richmond to release a product at the top of its game. Songs with multiple instruments such as steel guitar and violin lend to the classic country sound. The duo still has the same sound, but a more polished meter and maturity of songwriting seep through the sometimes brash, but mostly smooth, vocal harmonies.

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Pint & A Half: 20 Ounces of Tasty Music

Duke and Tami in the practice room at their home. Photo by Mike Rosso.

By Mike Rosso

“The first time I heard her sing, I thought, ‘that’s it,’ I wanted to marry her.”
Those are the words of Salidan Duke Sheppard describing how, nearly 30 years ago, the early seeds were sown for the arrival of the musical duet Pint & A Half on the contemporary Colorado music scene.
It was in Union, Missouri, back in 1987, when Duke and his future wife Tami went on their first date while still in high school, after a talent show where they were both scheduled to perform. He was playing in a heavy metal band, Damage Incorporated, and she was singing classical music along with her church choir. Not exactly a pairing one would expect to have a musical future together, but life can be full of unexpected surprises. Two years later they were married.

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The Real Deal Music Review – Pint & A Half – Blue Sky Earth

by Brian Rill The blue sky stretches out long over the Colorado Rocky Mountains, sweeping clear onto the eastern seaboard. Then, threading back through the majestic St. Louis Arch and finally, in between towering cliffs that hang silently and over a saintly green valley. High above an obfuscated pass, followed down slowly by devout hermits, …

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