Salida taxes too high

Letter from Sam Halburian

Local Government – February 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Ed,

Just a short note to inform you that my wife and I stopped at the McDonald’s on Highway 50 in Salida on a December Saturday, and ordered “Big Breakfasts,” a menu item.

I usually don’t check my receipt but on this occasion I did, and I smarted when I saw that I paid a 52¢ tax for eating in.

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Park County: Leading in delinquency?

Brief by Central Staff

Local Government – December 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine

We know from experience that small-town newspaper publishers encourage civic virtue, except perhaps in one regard — paying your property taxes on time.

If the property taxes aren’t paid by the deadline, the county applies a lien against the property. The liens are then advertised (thus providing some income for the local newspaper) for three weeks in the fall. People can bid on the liens at a public sale conducted by the county treasurer. The money from the winning bidder pays the taxes.

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An E-tax for E-tailers could provide virtual E-services?

Brief by Anonymous

Local government – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

In response to the overwhelming clamor from Congress to forego taxing e-commerce, America’s municipalities are announcing a new initiative, E-tax for E-Tailers. Yes, cities and towns from around the U.S. are listening and have responded in a way that provides fairness and equity to all.

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Government grows, but democracy doesn’t

Essay by Martha Quillen

Local Government – January 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

IN OUR FIVE YEARS of existence, Colorado Central has examined growth issues from numerous angles. We’ve printed articles about growth summits and seminars, and about census statistics and growth patterns. We’ve mused about the relationships between newcomers and old-timers, and pondered upon the cultural effects and consequences of growth.

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Park County has the answer: Delay

Letter from Linda Spielman

Local government – March 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Park County has the answer: Postpone, Delay, Study, Examine & then File a Suit

A Follow-up to Charlie Spielman’s letter, from Mrs. Charlie Spielman


Although I agree completely with Charlie’s analysis of our problems, both past and present, I completely disagree with his solution.

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Government agencies must learn to cooperate

Letter from Charlie Spieman

Local Government – March 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Government agencies must learn to cooperate

To the Editors:

Your editorial and articles in the February 1997 issue provide eloquent analyses of Central Colorado’s problems with uncontrolled growth — a theme presented so frequently in the pages of Colorado Central Magazine that some have begun referring to it as The Whiners’ Gazette. But as a native and current resident of Colorado’s small-town interior, I agree with much of the pointing with pride and viewing with alarm that goes on in the pages of your publication. I also believe wholeheartedly that attention must be given to alarm bells that you and others sound.

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Do we really benefit from municipal rivalries?

Essay by Ed Quillen

Local government – October 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

For the past three years, I’ve been working off and on at a big project called Is Denver Necessary? It started as a long article in the May 3, 1993, edition of High Country News, and schedule permitting, it will conclude as a book published next year by University Press of Colorado.

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