Jon MacManus mixes art and history

Review by Jayne Mabus

Local Art – October 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you sketched a drawing of a mountain, and a co-worker looked at it and blurted, “Man, what you doing here?”

That was a great moment of epiphany for artist Jon MacManus. And the best part is that he didn’t ignore it — he did something about it.

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Cindy Lilly: Silversmithing and stones, set in Salida

Article by Columbine Quillen

Local Art – March 2003 – Colorado Central Magazine

ANYONE WHO COMES THROUGH Salida these days notices all of the art galleries. Artists from all over the country have moved here in recent years, but very few of them grew up here.

Cindy Lilly’s trade, however, wasn’t learned at an art institute or a faraway college, but acquired right here in the town where she was raised.

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