Colorado Firecamp: Field Training for a Demanding and Dangerous Occupation

by Mike Rosso With wildfires currently raging in Arizona, New Mexico and here in Colorado, it is shaping up to be dangerous year for western firefighters. One of the leaders in wildfire training is right here in Central Colorado, providing needed skills to combat potentially devastating conflagrations. Colorado Firecamp, based in Chaffee County, was conceived …

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How to earn those epithets

Essay by Kent Maxwell

Local Politics – December 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

GOVERNMENT IN CHAFFEE COUNTY has grown more slowly, thanks to me. Next year alone, some $700,000 worth of property taxes won’t be leaving taxpayer wallets to fill the coffers of the Salida School District and Chaffee County Fire Protection District.

Yet, I’d be the first to admit that Salida teachers deserve higher salaries and that more equipment is needed for adequate fire protection in outlying areas of the county.

It comes down to a difference of opinion as to the means to achieve those ends.

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