Quillen’s Corner: Journalism in the Land of the Lost

By Martha Quillen

According to those in the know, America has lost it. But what have we lost? Donald Trump says it’s our greatness, because the way he sees it, our nation isn’t feared nor revered anymore, whereas others claim we’ve lost our mojo, which generally refers to our gumption and can-do attitude. Many agree we’ve lost our minds, and others think we’ve lost our soul. And scads of commentators believe America has lost either its moral compass, or moral standing, or morals altogether.

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From the Editor

By Mike Rosso

February 2011 was a tough month for dictators – and journalists.

While covering the uprisings in Northern Africa, many journalists were abducted, arrested, beaten and in some cases, lost their lives.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was roughed up on the Egyptian streets by Hosni Mubarek’s thugs. Worse was the vicious assault on Lara Logan, the veteran correspondent for CBS News. In an age when the entire field of journalism is under attack, is it any wonder that one of the first things that occurred during the recent uprisings was the shutting down of the internet and the intimidation of reporters?

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Embarrasments of timing

Essay by Ed Quillen

Journalism – August 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine

TALK ABOUT BAD TIMING. In the most recent (July) edition, which was mailed on June 21, we had a short feature that explained why there are “Bring back the railroad” posters all over Salida. I’d seen the posters last winter, and eventually got around to finding the person behind them; then I got around to interviewing him and writing the piece – which sat around for a month or two until we had a good space for it.

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Friends make for good reading in Saguache

Brief by Central Staff

Journalism – October 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

One pleasant addition to the Saguache Crescent in recent months is the reporting of town board meetings by the “Friends of Saguache.” Granted, it’s not exactly “objective journalism,” but the accounts do explain what happened, and best of all, they’re a pleasure to read.

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A Media Fight for Leadville

Article by Allen Best

Journalism – March 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

LEADVILLE, once a parent to Summit County in the news business, has become its child. The Summit Daily News is issuing a Leadville edition on Fridays, turning the tables from 30 years ago.

The flip-flop illustrates the gravitational shift of money and influence in the region. Interstate 70 has supplanted the Denver & Rio Grande as the defining transportation corridor. Payrolls now come from recreation instead of mining. Ski slopes instead of mining stopes define this new world.

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Local editor featured at Smithsonian

Brief by Central Staff

Journalism – September 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

A picture of Marie Coombs, editor of the Saguache Crescent, taken by New York photographer Harvey Wang will be on show at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., through October, as part of an exhibition called “Going Strong! Older Americans on the Job.”

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