An Interview with Iraqi Veteran Nick Morgan

Editor’s note: I first met Nick Morgan last summer in the San Luis Valley while he was living in Salida. I was curious to learn about his experiences as a returning Iraqi war veteran and was somewhat taken aback, but not entirely surprised by some of his stories. Since we first met he is now a student at CU Boulder. Initially I had planned to write an article based on his responses to the interview questions, but found his own words so compelling I decided to let him speak for himself. – M.R.

When did you enlist and which branch?

I enlisted in April of 2002 in the Army Reserves.

How old where you?

I was eighteen. It was right before I graduated high school.

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Listen to the inspector

Letter from Andy Burns

Iraq – April 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine


I’m sure some of you have heard on KHEN at least one of the three speeches by former weapons inspector to Iraq, Scott Ritter.

He spoke here in Santa Fé during the second half of the Super Bowl, after Mick Jagger’s cheerleading and prancing to atrophied rock. (You’d think he could learn some new moves in 40 years.)

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Unanswered questions

Letter from Marianne Dugan

Iraq – August 2003 – Colorado Central Magazine


No one can claim that Saddam Hussein wasn’t a horrible man, but his (presumed — even that is now in doubt) removal leaves two questions unanswered:

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