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Listen to the inspector

Letter from Andy Burns

Iraq – April 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine


I’m sure some of you have heard on KHEN at least one of the three speeches by former weapons inspector to Iraq, Scott Ritter.

He spoke here in Santa Fé during the second half of the Super Bowl, after Mick Jagger’s cheerleading and prancing to atrophied rock. (You’d think he could learn some new moves in 40 years.)

The auditorium was not half full and nobody under 30 was there. In fact very few looked to be under 50. Ritter said every single person in congress, left, right and center, Democrat and Republican, conservative and liberal, knew full well before we invaded that Iraq had no WMDs. Iraq was completely disarmed.

He said Iran has no nuclear weapons program. He said the United Nations will verify there is no program. Then John Boulton will go to the UN and deliver a speech that has already been written accusing Iran of lying. Ritter knows it’s been written because the speech writer told him. He estimates the bombing will begin around March or April. The US will not occupy Iran because we don’t have the troops to do so.

He quoted Bush as saying “we” have the right to pre- emptively bomb any nation on the face of the earth whether or not they have their own nuclear arsenal.

Ritter places full responsibility for this situation squarely on the shoulders of an overweight, uninformed, complacent population manipulated by fear and unwilling to give up their voracious CONSUMPTION. People like you and me with our cheap cell phones (“Buy one, get one free”) made by child slave laborers in Africa.

Oh well, who cares? Bring it on.

Viva Faluga

Andy Burns

Santa Fé