One use for an expired driver’s license

Letter by Jeanne Englert

Identity – December 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

One use discovered for a long-expired driver’s license

Dear Ed and Martha:

Your readers may appreciate an update on my identity crisis (November, 1998). After hearing the story of what I went through to get my signature notarized, an old friend’s daughters got on her case. Non-drivers each one, but the girls have state ID cards, whereas their mom was still getting by using a driver’s license that had been expired for ten years. (Her bank knows her; she’s pretty much a cash-and-carry gal — the bank cashes her paycheck; she carries her groceries on the bus.)

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If you don’t drive, you don’t exist

Essay by Jeanne Englert

Identity – November 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine


It was a minor matter, just a correction deed for three patented mining claims above Ashcroft in Pitkin County, but my signature needed to be notarized. In presenting the document to the notary public, I learned that I no longer existed. She refused to witness my signature because my driver’s license had expired in 1991.

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