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One use for an expired driver’s license

Letter by Jeanne Englert

Identity – December 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

One use discovered for a long-expired driver’s license

Dear Ed and Martha:

Your readers may appreciate an update on my identity crisis (November, 1998). After hearing the story of what I went through to get my signature notarized, an old friend’s daughters got on her case. Non-drivers each one, but the girls have state ID cards, whereas their mom was still getting by using a driver’s license that had been expired for ten years. (Her bank knows her; she’s pretty much a cash-and-carry gal — the bank cashes her paycheck; she carries her groceries on the bus.)

“Mom,” they teased her. “You might win the lotto or something.”

So, to pacify her daughters, my friend went to the nearest driver’s license bureau to get her state I.D. And what did she use to verify her existence?

Her expired driver’s license!

“You should keep it as a souvenir,” the license lady told her, laughing.

Jeanne W. Englert Lafayette