Foxhunting in Colorado: Headwaters Hounds

by Elliot Jackson “Foxhunting provides those fleeting moments of total abandonment – of wind-in-your-hair, bugs-in-your-teeth kind of living. At its best, it is totally out of control. Hounds are screaming, hooves are thundering, the horn is blasting as you race and jump across country to die for, often in weather not fit for man or …

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A Hunt Gone Bad

by Robb Cadwell It was the first day of the season, and two high school buddies hiked up to the top of a rock with a good view to glass the small high flats below them. In his fifties and long past high school age, Ben had been hunting the area for 30 years. He …

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If a deer falls in the forest

by Hal Walter

Out for a run one afternoon in October, I was negotiating a burro down a steep trail that cuts from one cul-de-sac to another in a nearby subdivision. Downhill and to my right I saw a doe deer literally flopping down the hill through the trees. The animal appeared unable to gain its balance or to stand up.

I stopped and watched as the deer came to a rest, then I tied my burro to a tree and walked down to get a closer look. The doe flopped over a couple more times then lay still. I looked her over as closely as possible. I could see no broken legs or apparent gunshot wounds — which was my first guess since the first big game rifle season had opened the previous day.

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Prayer Slayers and Drive-by Shooters

Essay by Steve Voynick

Hunting – February 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Prayer Slayers and Drive-by Shooters

by Steve Voynick

I’M A NONHUNTER, but living near the base of Mount Elbert gives me a ringside seat for the Colorado deer and elk hunting seasons. Although 250,000 individuals hunt elk each year in Colorado, my overall impression of Colorado hunters is shaped by only a few individuals who occupy opposite ends of the hunting spectrum.

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Does ‘ABC’ stand for “Always Burn Colorado”?

Column by Hal Walter

Hunting – May 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

I recently became an investor in a magazine venture, though the publisher didn’t ask whether I wished to be involved, and collected the start-up capital under the somewhat questionable pretense that it was going to be used to further wildlife management in Colorado.

The publisher is the Colorado Division of Wildlife, and the magazine is the annual big-game hunting brochure distributed prior to the spring application deadline for limited hunting licenses.

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How to trespass on your own property

Letter from Carolyn Jackson

Hunting – September 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine


We are third-generation Coloradans, but we have no first-hand experience living in a small community. We hope to be able to move from the Denver area back into the mountains (what a unique concept, right?).

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Slavery is traditional, too

Letter from John Walker

Hunting – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine


Although slavery is one of humanity’s oldest activities, it’s condemned by many modern people. This shocking statement, simplistic in its evocation of ancient tradition to rationalize a practice that is rightfully fading into the evolutionary mists of human history, assumes a high level of credibility when the word “hunting” is substituted for “slavery,” according to Chas Clifton, author of the essay “The Nature of the Hunt.” (published in the October ’94 edition of Colorado Central).

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The nature of the hunt

Article by Chas S. Clifton

Hunting – October 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Lit from behind by the rising sun, a big mule deer buck trots up one of Poverty Mountain’s shoulder ridges. When he stops, the sun transforms his breath into glowing fog. Braced against a boulder, I try to find him in the rifle scope, the optically focused sun exploding into my eye.

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