Searching the Night Sky

By Christopher Kolomitz

Mankind has always found the night sky intriguing, and a base foundation of science is centered there. The movement of sun, moon, earth and other planets is especially visible here in Central Colorado, where low population, low humidity and nearly 300 totally cloudless nights create perfect viewing conditions.

The crisp air and silence of a deep winter’s night can leave a person literally breathless. Tilt your head to the heavens and the awe becomes even greater when the Milky Way shines like a ribbon across the sky. Summer camp trips into the woods often become dotted with recollections of meteors, full moon adventures and philosophical starry night discussions.

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On the Ground in Guffey

Letter from Tom Elliott

Guffey – August 2004 – Colorado Central Magazine


Reading through the June edition I couldn’t help but notice the very interesting Letter from the Editors (What America do you live in), a commentary on the media’s need to simplify, and in so doing thereby miss the reality on the ground.

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Guffey’s canine mayor makes TV appearance

Brief by Central Staff

Guffey – July 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

The mayor of Guffey got a few minutes of fame recently, when Denver TV station KMGH featured the public official on its 10 p.m. newscast.

Guffey, which sits between South Park and Cañon City, isn’t incorporated, but the settlement has a mayor anyway. Her name is Shanda, and she’s a seven-year-old golden retriever.

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