Speculative future history

Letter from Ted Foureagles

Future – May 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dateline: April 1, 2009, Washington, NM

What follows is a brief recap of incidents which coalesced to become known as The Fall of the American Empire.

After an ambiguous election in which all three major U.S. parties received exactly 33-1/3% of the vote, Hillary Clinton occupied the Oval Office using a set of old keys and a can of Mace. Dick Cheney, refusing to cede power, fled to the Pentagon. Barack Obama left for Tahiti, saying, “You people are (expletive deleted) crazy — I’m done with this (expletive deleted)!” John McCain locked himself in the Senate men’s room to be found 41 days later, having succumbed to fumes. Reports claim that he died with his wing tips on and a defiant smile on his face.

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Surefire Predictions for 1999

Brief by Martha Quillen

Future – February 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Surefire Predictions for 1999

by the Central Psychic

This year, millennial cult leaders will threaten to make Dr. Kevorkian look like a right to life advocate.

By spring, First Lady Hillary Clinton will have sported so many new hairstyles, fabulous makeovers, and marvelously flattering wardrobe changes… That young children really will believe the President has traded in his old wife for a new woman.

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