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Surefire Predictions for 1999

Brief by Martha Quillen

Future – February 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Surefire Predictions for 1999

by the Central Psychic

This year, millennial cult leaders will threaten to make Dr. Kevorkian look like a right to life advocate.

By spring, First Lady Hillary Clinton will have sported so many new hairstyles, fabulous makeovers, and marvelously flattering wardrobe changes… That young children really will believe the President has traded in his old wife for a new woman.

By fall, the Y2K story will have been so overplayed by the media… That it will be dubbed the “Why to Care” phenomena.

And next December 31st, no matter what happens to the cosmic condition, no matter how much discord the Y2K phenomena produces, as those last few seconds tick off toward midnight… You can be sure that IRS files will remain intact.