About the Cover Artist: Alan Cammack

When I was about eight years old, my mother put an old Pentax K1000 fully manual camera in my hand. We were on a trip to New York City for a opening of her artwork at a gallery there, and to this day the thing I remember the most about the trip was taking those first photos out the back window of a speeding cab. I remember how that simple act of encouragement changed my life. I realized that there is something new and interesting to see everywhere.

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About the Cover Artist: Tiffany Hodges Smith

Tiffany Hodges Smith took this month’s cover photograph during Colorado Fly Week, held this past July at her home near Villa Grove, Co. The event, celebrating hang gliding and paragliding in the U.S., was the result of more than a year’s planning and preparation on the part of Tiffany her hang-glider husband, Larry Smith. 

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About the Cover Artist: Gloria Jean Countryman

I have to confess that one of my favorite parts of putting out this magazine is coming up with the monthly cover art. As the first impression, I always try to find cover art that is eye-catching and unpredictable.

This issue has several articles about ranches and ranching, so I began to mentally visualize what would might work well on the cover – a winter ranch scene, somewhere in the mountains, preferably at twilight.

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