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Pipe Dream: One Couple’s Ideal Job of Moving Water Under Mountains

The Schryver’s car emerges from the four-mile-long Twin Lakes Tunnel, which for many months of the year is the couple’s only link to civilization. Photo by Jamie Sudler, H2O Media, Ltd.

By Frani Halperin, H2O Radio

Glenn and Kim Schryver are the nicest people you could ever meet. The kind of people you’d love to have as neighbors – considerate, handy, friendly, and funny. Only, if you lived next-door to them, your driveway would be four miles long through a narrow tunnel barely wide enough to fit a car – and one that actively carries water. Glenn and Kim are the caretakers of Grizzly Reservoir, just east of Aspen, and the tunnel is, for many months of the year, their only link to civilization.