El Agua es Vida

EL AGUA ES VIDA, OR TRANSLATED: WATER IS LIFE. The July ’22 issue of Colorado Central Magazine had no less than five items concerning water. The primary item was George Sibley’s article regarding the Colorado River Compact. With all that emphasis on the “life blood” of our region, state, nation and planet, this offering provides …

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Down on the Ground with Water Again

by George Sibley

Next month – June 7 to be exact – there will be a water-related meeting in Salida that could be kind of historic if there’s a genuine effort to make it so. It’ll be a meeting of the Gunnison Basin Roundtable and the Arkansas Basin Roundtable. The purpose of the meeting is to see whether it’s possible to cut through the B.S. shielding a couple Colorado Water Cliches.

Cliche One: Urban growth just can’t be stopped, so it has to be accommodated.

Cliche Two: There has to be at least half a million acre-feet of Colorado River Water left for Colorado to develop.

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Even if Gary Boyce goes away, the water problem won’t

Essay by Ed Quillen

Colorado Water – October 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

WHEN WE STARTED this magazine in 1994, AWDI had just lost all its court appeals, and it appeared that any story we published on the water wars in the San Luis Valley would be history, rather than journalism.

We watched, from a distance but with interest, as Gary Boyce began re-assembling the old 100,000-acre Baca land grant, and then in the spring of 1996, we got word of a meeting near Crestone where he would explain his plans.

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