In Aspinall Country

Column by George Sibley

Colorado politics – March 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

WHEN COLORADO STATE SENATOR Lew Entz, of the San Luis valley, gave Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar, also from the San Luis valley, a $50,000 hug late in January, the strange dichotomy of Colorado politics was on display.

The occasion was Salazar’s announcement that he was going to run for another term as Attorney General. Sen. Entz was there and gave him a hug and a bottle of San Luis valley water.

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Now we know what Doug Bruce really thinks of us

Brief by Central Staff

Colorado Politics – February 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Douglas Bruce of Colorado Springs was the main mover behind TABOR (the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights), which Colorado voters adopted as a constitutional amendment in 1992.

TABOR requires voter approval of all tax increases, which is a good thing, but complicates other aspects of state and local government, not always to the benefit of citizens and taxpayers.

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If we must have corporate welfare, spread it around

Essay by Ellen Miller

Colorado politics – September 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

If we must have corporate welfare in Colorado, then we should spread it around

by Ellen Miller

Once again, the big city is throwing itself at the feet of a corporate suitor who promises thousands of jobs and good pay, great things ahead — and asks only a few, but quite expensive, corporate subsidies.

This corporate suitor is Nike, hardly a welfare case, and its target is Broomfield, between Denver and Boulder. Economic development officials are rolling hoops on the hour for Nike, reasoning that all these jobs are too good to pass up.

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Minturn offers site for Bronco stadium

Brief by Allen Best

Colorado politics – April 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Minturn offers solution to Broncos’ search for a new stadium

Pat Bowlen’s got a problem, although admittedly a problem lots of people would love to have.

He has a football team, the Denver Broncos, and he says that to make ends meet he needs a new stadium, one with more luxury boxes and other revenue enhancers. He’s been dickering with the City of Denver and other governments around Denver, and so far no solutions are evident.

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Nobody came to get Club 20’s cowpie award

Brief by Ellen Miller

Colorado politics – April 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Club 20 isn’t an exclusive bístro. A good brief description is that the organization serves as a chamber of commerce for Colorado’s Western Slope, plus Lake County.

It hasn’t been that long since environmentalists were about as welcome at Club 20 as Hillary Clinton at a cigar club. Or that Club 20 salivated at the prospect of big multinationals opening shop on the Western Slope.

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Require geographic diversity for state-wide initiatives

Essay by Ellen Miller

Colorado politics – July 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

A lot of us would like to believe that the Rocky Mountain West is mostly rural, with people living in little towns or at most small cities. People would spend enough time in the sparsely populated regions so everybody would understand to some degree how the economics of rural survival happen.

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The state of eternal life

Brief by Ed Quillen

Colorado politics – May 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

And from the editors…

Right after he took office in 1975, Colorado Gov. Dick Lamm promised to “drive a silver stake” through a proposed metro-area highway.

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