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Now we know what Doug Bruce really thinks of us

Brief by Central Staff

Colorado Politics – February 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Douglas Bruce of Colorado Springs was the main mover behind TABOR (the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights), which Colorado voters adopted as a constitutional amendment in 1992.

TABOR requires voter approval of all tax increases, which is a good thing, but complicates other aspects of state and local government, not always to the benefit of citizens and taxpayers.

At any rate, Bruce was at it again last November with his proposal that would have reduced each tax (school district, fire district, motor-vehicle, etc.) by $25 a year, every year.

It was soundly defeated. Here’s what Bruce had to say about that, according to the Jan. 4 edition of the Wall Street Journal:

“I’ve been at this for 12 years, but I’m hanging up the plow. Voters are so unbelievably ungrateful, ignorant, and able to be stampeded.”