Winter Army

10th Mountain Division

READERS OF THE BUENA VISTA newspaper will occasionally notice that some veteran of World War II is mentioned as having served in the 10th Mountain Division. The distinctive logo for the 10th Mountain appears on the occasional obituary. Sometimes the “winter army” is mentioned in an article.  A few of those men were locals when …

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The Story of Uncle Bud

by Mike Rosso Nestled in the pines at 11,380 feet, a few miles east of the Continental Divide and just outside Leadville, sits Uncle Bud’s Hut, a true gem in the 10th Mountain Division hut system. Below lie the shimmering waters of Turquoise Lake, and across the valley stand two of Colorado’s mightiest peaks, Mount …

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The 37th Annual 10th Mountain Division Ski Week

By Bill Hoffland

Every year for the past 37 years the veterans and families of the 10th Mountain Division from World War II have been gathering for a week of skiing in the high peaks of Colorado for an event dubbed “Ski Week.” The 10th Mountain Division, along with the 99th Infantry Battalion Separate were the only ski troops of the U.S. Army, and played an important role in the liberation of northern Italy during WWII. Many ski resorts in Colorado were formed by former 10th Mountain vets, including Aspen, Vail and Breckenridge, and a large number of 10th Mountain vets worked in the ski industry after the war – managing and founding ski areas, developing ski equipment, and working for the Olympics.

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