Salt Works Ranch will be on the History Channel

Brief by Central Staff

Local history – June 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

One of Colorado’s oldest working ranches, the Salt Works Ranch near Antero Junction, will be featured in a History Channel documentary scheduled to be broadcast on June 3.

The production, called “The Vanishing Cowboy,” examines the myths and reality of cowboys in the conquest of the West and in the minds of Americans.

As they say on TV, check your local listings for the exact time. We’re pretty sure we won’t see it, since the Salida cable monopoly (owned by AT&T since it acquired TCI last year) does not carry the History Channel or, for that matter, much besides fluff and swill: no A&E, no CSPAN.

Indeed, while other cable systems have been upgraded to offer 55 channels, Salida has about 35, and AT&T, like most other big-time utilities, has not indicated any willingness to invest in capital improvements here. As far as they’re concerned, we’re a captive cash cow, not customers to be served.

Little wonder that those little satellite dishes are sprouting like dandelions.