Recognizing one’s own uneasy submission to authority

Letter from Andy Burns

Colorado Central May edition – June 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine


About your “Cures…” article in #75. I used to watch an excellent Spanish lesson in the middle of the night on my 3-inch T.V. I only got one channel. I even donated some $ to PBS. The very night after I mailed my check it went off the air, along with a very interesting class on tort law. After several weeks it came back on again, but during the hiatus I discovered that I’d donated to the Denver PBS. I don’t know why they were soliciting in Salida, since we got our PBS out of Pueblo then.

Well, that’s all beside the point. I’m writing because I found that experiment disturbing where researchers had people administer shocks to subjects in a separate room who answered questions incorrectly. I recognize that uneasy submission to authority in myself. What’s more I’ve always felt that this great country of ours (“Greatest Country in the World”) could slide easily and comfortably into fascism in the name of law and order.

Also… That piece you wrote a couple of issues ago about arguing and how futile it is and how it nearly always only deeply entrenches the person we’re trying to convince was almost depressingly accurate.

Hal Walter is only 40? I took him to be a geezer, like me.

I noticed in the last issue, #74, that a lot of your writers were from everywhere but Central Colorado. Interesting.

Andy Burns Santa Fé