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Salida gets a monthly poetry ‘zine

Brief by Central Staff

Local Arts – November 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

It was easy for us to claim with both honesty and modesty that we were the leading monthly magazine in Central Colorado — we were the only one.

Now there’s Metaphor, which bills itself as “Salida’s Monthly Poetry ‘Zine.”

The idea, according to publisher Carla Sonheim, is to document the monthly open-microphone nights at Bongo Billy’s Salida CafĂ©.

Its first issue, dated Sept. 20, included poems by James Tipton, Danny Rosen, Alfonso Tafoya, Leigh Mills, Helen Hanselmann, Laurie James, and Jude Jannet. It’s small (pages are about 4″x5″), but it has attractive art and good typography. Copies are $1 apiece at various Salida locations, with the proceeds going to fund the Salida poetry conference (SPARROWS) this coming February.

It’s a ‘zine, and we’re a magazine: What’s the difference?

In general, ‘zines are less “formal” than magazines, and are typically produced by xerographic copy machines, rather than by offset printing. ‘Zines are labors of love, while magazines are commercial operations that are supposed to be operated for profit — and, well, we keep hoping we’ll reach the profit-making stage while retaining the love.

But bowing to reality, we named our website