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Remembering Truman’s visit

Letter from Orville Wright

History – October 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine


Thanks for the memories [about presidents visiting Salida in the September edition].

Can’t remember Darlene Donahoo meeting Harry S. Truman in 1952, but definitely recall his visit — I was there, too.

My father was one of the people introduced to President Truman that day. Was quite the day in the Wright household.

In addition to being a staunch Democrat of long standing, my father was the Local Chairman of the Salida Lodge of The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen at that particular point in time. Quite the honor to be among the chosen few to meet the President.

In addition to being a Union man like his father, my dad was also a Mason — same as Mr. Truman. My father never would commit himself, since I obviously wasn’t a member of the Craft at the time, but I suspect he and Brother Truman exchanged fraternal greetings as well. It wasn’t until after I became a Mason that the question my mother asked him made sense. She asked my father if he called Mr. Truman “Hiram.” He made no comment then, either.

Orville Wright