Reactions from forum participants

Sidebar by Sue Conroe

Water forum – June 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Reactions to the Upper Arkansas Watershed Forum from other participants varied considerably, based on the evaluation forms that were turned in.


“Water is a public resource largely in private hands. The forum provided the interface for the two entities.”

“It did facilitate a cultural change within my agency…or it will.”

“Off-hours discussion with everyone in one place was valuable.”

“I heard several skeptical people say the forum changed their skepticism and are looking forward to more participation and coordination.”


“I would have liked to have heard more from ‘the people’ in the upper basin. What does the city council of Leadville think about water issues?”

“Where does it go from here?”

“Prior appropriation talk was party line, would have liked to have heard some idea of modern thinking in water law and public rights.”

“We learned about many studies but not enough about actions to improve river.”

“Local input was very biased toward recreation — other water users need better representation.”

SHOULD THERE BE another forum, so that the dozens of agencies and interests which affect the river can find out what the others are doing?

“We need some means to communicate and make progress in the interim.”

“Don’t stop the momentum. Have to keep it going or it will start at square one next time.”

“Much of what was gained will be lost if there is not follow-up.”

For more information about the April forum, or to find out about a possible next one, contact Jeffrey Keidel at P.O. Box 938, Buena Vista CO 81211, 719-395-6035.