Behind the Strawberry Door

Article by Ed Quillen

Social services – June 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

A dozen years ago, our younger daughter, Abby, attended Strawberry Door Pre-School in Salida. One evening at dinner, we asked about her day, expecting to hear that some Brittany or Geoffrey had learned to tie shoelaces or count past ten.

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We’re getting left out of health-care reform

Essay by Ellen Miller

Rural health – June 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

The old Scout handbook included all kinds of instructions about surviving in rattlesnake country. It had instructions about carrying something for a tourniquet, a razor blade or sharp pocket knife for cutting, and a suction cup for getting the poison out. The thrust of it was that, as in the days of the frontier, once you get out to the big empty you’re on your own.

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Backing up the Rockies on the LC&S RR

Article by Sharon Chickering

Transportation – June 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

“All Abooooard!” conductor Carl Benz shouts as the whistle wails.

With a jerk, the maroon, green, and white diesel engine of the Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad begins backing up the track — red caboose in the lead. The rear brakeman keeps an alert eye on the track unraveling before him. The rail cars slip past the back alleys and Victorian shotgun houses of Leadville, then the old freight depot and boarded-up former St. Vincent’s Hospital. Colorado’s two highest peaks, Massive and Elbert, loom to the west.

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Oro City plans to rise again in 1995

Article by Lynda La Rocca

Local festival – June 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Since 1984, Leadville has resurrected its boisterous boomtown predecessor, Oro City, for an annual festival. But it’s not going to happen this year.

Like the mythical phoenix, however, and, come to think of it, like numerous Colorado mining towns, including Leadville — Oro City is slated to rise again after this year’s hiatus. And the reanimated Oro City promises to be bigger, better, and longer.

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Confessions of a talk-radio host

Article by Patrick Lee

Talk Radio – June 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Patrick: “KVRH Talk Show, thanks for calling.”

Caller: “Pahtraik, ah don’t thaink it’s raht, no, them Rebublicans sayin’ what they said.”

Patrick: “What’d they say?”

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Notes and Commentary for June 1994

Brief by Central Staff Various – June 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine Hitting the Big Time CITY DESKS EVERYWHERE — Central Colorado is attracting some national attention. The Bishop Castle, down by Rye on the edge of the Wet Mountain Valley, was featured on both National Public Radio and on the ABC Day One program. …

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Reactions from forum participants

Sidebar by Sue Conroe

Water forum – June 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Reactions to the Upper Arkansas Watershed Forum from other participants varied considerably, based on the evaluation forms that were turned in.


“Water is a public resource largely in private hands. The forum provided the interface for the two entities.”

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Overprotecting our back yard

Essay by Steve Voynick Public Land – June 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine The perception of our national forests largely depends on who’s perceiving. If you live in New York City, L.A., or even Denver, the national forests are some distant, out-of-sight, out-of-mind tracts of federally owned land, conveniently managed by the government. But if …

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