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Points well taken

Letter from Slim Wolfe

Global Warming – September 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine


Ed Quillen’s editorial assertion that we the people should not need the prod of global warming to steer us towards more sensible consumption was well-taken. In a culture which worships excess few of us are attuned to the subtleties which civilization has sometimes enjoyed. Nothing less than the brashest sounds and the brightest colors (and the goriest images) registers anymore, and achievements are measured by our skill at manipulating buttons and keyboards. The human soul is at stake here, whether or not the oceans rise. We don’t know how to enjoy unless we’re abusing.

Lingering mud puddles and prairie dogs as well have made a comeback here on Desolation Row. I don’t revel in either, but I’m glad that rodents and rain are not yet extinct. Is there some kind of cover crop I can seed that will make those dogs sing like birds?

Speaking of farming I second John Mattingly’s notion that the consumer ought to be willing to pay a bit more to prop up the small growers. In the same sense I could hope for a better deal for the laborers and artisans, and the artists and musicians of the world. Class struggle is more than a figment of the communist manifesto, though the titles of baron and duke have been replaced with chairman and CEO …. so tithe yourself in the name of tomorrow every time you shop!

Slim Wolfe

Villa Grove