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Now we know what to call them

Brief by Allen Best

Second Homes – August 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

A simpler phrase has long been needed. They have been called second-home owners and, more commonly if ungrammatically, second homeowners.

In some places they are weekenders, in other places part-timers. For those with residencies fully divided, they can be called splitters.

Legalistically, they are called non-resident property owners.

In a story about all of the above, The New York Times adopts a simpler label: second homers.

The story is based in a Delaware resort, Rehoboth Beach, where the second homers make up three-quarters of the population. The town, says the Times, is among the few municipalities in the nation that explicitly permits both second homers and renters to vote and hold office.

It does have a ring to it, this expression of “second homers.”