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Saguache Mosquito Hunt may be re-instated

Letter from Asa Watcher

Wildlife – August 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

Saguache Mosquito Hunt may be reinstated by DOW since numbers are up in ’07

Dear Ed;

With an almost back-to-normal amount of rain up here on the Saguache this spring, the Division of Wildlife is reconsidering its ban on mosquito hunting this coming winter. Get ready, guys, it might be time to make a place over the mantel for that big mosquito buck mount I know you’ve been wanting this for too long now.

Saguache Mosquito Hunt
Saguache Mosquito Hunt

While the females have been common in town this spring, the bucks have been lingering up the creek, and enjoying the cool evenings packing on the weight for winter. Believe me, I’ve seen some big ones. Lots of three-drills and even some six-drills have been spotted by hopeful hunters already in the area scouting the best hunting spots. The anticipation is running pretty high, especially after all these years of the moratorium.

The whole sorry situation was getting pretty desperate around Saguache. With itchy trigger fingers coupled with the lack of revenue normally enjoyed during the mosquito hunt, Saguache was almost ready to throw in the towel and resort to other, less sporting efforts to attract the tourist/hunter dollar.

What with all these foreign Asian ring-necked doves that have invaded the upper valley the past few years, and the deer eating all our zucchini plants before they even bloom, we passed a tentative resolution at the last “Bored meeting” to organize Saguache’s first annual Venison-Squab Fest. We voted to call it “The Venisquab Shoot ‘n Eat Safari.” Some folks wanted to call it the “Saguache Squable Walk.” They got out-voted. We even had Lester Bugle go bag us a Squeer (half dove, half deer). Had Bistro and his wife Bon Sod mount it and paint it orange. Strange, but a great looking mascot for the Safari.

However, until we hear for sure from the DOW, we are holding off on the Shoot ‘n Eat, at least for now. Anyway, as soon as I hear something I’ll let you know, Ed, so you can pass it on to your readers.

Like I always say: “If you can’t eat it, pass it on anyway.”

Best wishes

Asa Watcher

Pseudonymous in Saguache