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Not exactly authorized

Letter from Daniel Tyler

Water – May 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine


I enjoyed reading your articles about water conservancy districts. I think you did a good job on a tough subject. For you, pretty damn balanced, too.

One thing I wondered about was why you didn’t mention the “en banc” procedure expected of judges who have appointment responsibilities? Although they don’t follow this procedure enough, to my way of thinking, it is a mechanism that theoretically keeps one judge from putting his good old boys on the conservancy board.

I also wonder why you want to refer to Last Water Hole as an “authorized” history. The total of [former Northern Colorado WCD manager] Larry Simpson’s input was to ask that I say something about one of his employees who had established a system of benefits. While I would certainly agree that it is not a critical history, it isn’t “authorized.” No one told me what to say; no one edited my copy. But I do understand why you are suspicious. I did get paid.

Daniel Tyler

Fort Collins

(Author, Last Water Hole in the West)