Not even on the map

Brief by Central Staff

Media – June 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine –

On May 12, The Denver Post published its annual Best of Summer Colorado Activity & Vacation Guide.

Over the years, we have observed a considerable amount of activity and vacation in the summer hereabouts, but this apparently escaped notice along the Front Strange. Examine the map in the Guide, and you’ll note that there is no Salida. Nor is there a Buena Vista or Fairplay. Even Alamosa is missing.

We thought the cartographic decisions might have been based on advertising, but we couldn’t find a correlation. For instance, Grand Junction advertised, and it’s not on the map, either.

And if Grand Junction isn’t on there, but South Fork is, then the criterion isn’t population, either.

Given local concerns with congestion (what will be the record time for waiting to turn at Johnson Corners this summer?), perhaps this omission is a blessing.