Patriot sick of Hal Walter’s whining

Letter from Allen Jones

May, 1996, edition – June 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine


You should consider renaming your magazine The Whiners’ Almanac, because it seems to me as if that’s all it is–a forum for anyone who likes to whine.

After reading your May 1996 issue, No. 27, I was glad I didn’t pay the $1.95 you feel it is worth, or I would have asked for a refund.

My gripe is mainly for the benefit of the whiners that don’t want our Air National Guard pilots to train over the mountains and valleys of Colorado because they make a little noise.

Big deal. You should be proud to have them make all the noise they damn well please. That is the noise of the freedom that they preserve for this great country we are privileged to live in. If you want to whine about noise, pick on something else–how about boom boxes?

My next gripe is personal for Hal Walter over his article concerning the crash of the World War II bomber in the Sangres.

His article came off as nothing but negative toward the fact that those pilots had the audacity to fly there. He mentioned nothing of the fact that those three men gave their lives in defense of their country, whether they were training here in our mountains or dropping bombs on Hitler’s army.

The fact remains that they did to help keep his grandma and grandpa from having to learn German. They should have a memorial placed at the crash site to commemorate their sacrifice. I would pay for the stone if Hal would carry it to the crash site on one of his jackasses.


Allen Jones

Patriotic American

Howard, Colo.

Hal Walter responds:

I would have viewed the efforts of these pilots more heroic had they saved their stunts for the Nazis and not permanently parked my grandfolks’ expensive B-25 on the side of Rito Alto Peak where it was of absolutely no use in the war effort. I hope you and other patriots fully realize the irony of this in light of the current MOA-flyover flap.