Not all the city council folded

Letter from Monika Griesenbeck

Salida politics – December 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Ed and Martha,

Your thoughts on Salida’s government in your last issue were pretty much on the mark with one exception — OK, a few exceptions. The first one being that not all members of the city council folded all of the time.

On behalf of the ones who did, you must understand that it’s pretty tough to stand up to the entrenched, united and very powerful oligarchy of unelected officials who run Salida. The ones who folded were the better of the bunch. Some never intended to make any reforms.

But I can only speak for myself: I didn’t fold. I honestly tried to represent my constituents and look out for their interests. And I gave 100% to that effort.

And I didn’t get re-elected.

Sorry to make this so brief, but I have a council meeting to go to tonight and there is the budget meeting later this week where I can make my last stand.

Hugs and kisses

Monika Griesenbeck