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Millennial explosions

Brief by Central Staff

Salida – December 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

The millennium should arrive in Salida with a bang — the Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce has arranged for $5,000 worth of fireworks to be detonated on Tenderfoot Hill as 1999 draws to a close.

But even with the arrival of a new millennium (or century, or decade, or year), some familiar difficulties remain: time and money.

The money part is that “we need contributions to help defray the cost of the fireworks,” according to Anita Northwood, executive director at the chamber.

As for the time, the plan is to set them off at midnight, but “some people have said they’d like it earlier, so the younger kids could watch.”

If you’ve got suggestions on the time, or a donation for the pyrotechnics, give her a call at 719-539-2068.

As for our two bits’ worth: set them off at midnight. Any kid big enough to be able to remember the arrival of the millennium in later years will want to be up when it happens, not tucked in bed after a 9 p.m. fireworks show that celebrated the arrival of the new year on Atlantic Standard Time, rather than our own Mountain Time.