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National Yard Sale planned along the highway

Brief by Central Staff

Highway 50 – May 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Nobody along this stretch of “America’s Loneliest Highway” has promoted it yet, but there are plans for a coast-to-coast yard sale this month. It’s the second annual Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale, scheduled for May 18-20. The yard sale started in 1999, stretching across most of Indiana.

Organizers say the goal is for it to grow into a Coast-to-Coast event held each year on the weekend before the Memorial Day weekend.

They say the sale also serves to promote tourism along U.S. 50, to unite the many diverse communities, to provide opportunities for fund raising by civic organizations, and to aid the environment through recycling.

For more information, check the website at And if you see a lot of folks driving very slowly along Highway 50 that weekend, as though they’re looking for something — well, maybe it’s time to clean the garage and put price tags on what you were going to haul to the landfill.