More Denver papers may catch on

Brief by Central Staff

Judicial system – September 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Read it and weep

You may remember the false allegations of child abuse directed at the Strawberry Door Preschool in Salida last year (detailed in the June, 1994, edition of Colorado Central.)

At the heart of the accusations was a report from Clare Haynes-Seamon of the Kempe Center in Denver, based on “non-directed therapy” wherein the kids drew pictures and played with dolls, and Haynes-Seamon drew conclusions which had no basis in objective evidence.

Finally the Denver media are catching on. The Denver alternative weekly Westword published a long article about Haynes-Seamon in its Aug. 2 edition, and quoted professionals who refer to Haynes-Seamon’s methods as “hocus-pocus,” “dangerous,” and “unadulterated balderdash.”

Baldernash or not, many parents and grandparents have lost custody, reputations, and everything they own in fighting her evaluations.