Lynx and Wolverine will be a factor

Sidebar by Allen Best

Forest Managment – February 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Overlooked in much of this discussion are the lynx and wolverine. Despite yet another delay, it still looks as though the lynx is headed for protection under the nation’s Endangered Species Act.

That could have profound consequences for uses on the national forests in Colorado. The issue is compacted snow. The lynx has huge paws, which allow it to stay afloat in the light snow of early and mid-winter, the better to nab rabbits. Biologists believe tracks from downhill skis, snowmobiles, and even cross-country skis and snowshoes allow coyotes and other small-pawed predators to compete against the lynx.

That line of thought will have enormous implications for those who use the National Forests and when they’ll get to use them. Some of that thinking is duly reflected in the White River Forest plan.