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Jackson Hole may forbid gated subdivisions

Brief by Allen Best

Development – July 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine

The planning commission for Teton County, Wyo., has recommended that new gated communities be barred. A staff planner says there are anywhere from five to twenty gated communities in Teton County. One of those gated developments, a place called Teton Pines, is the declared primary home of Vice President Dick Cheney.

The Jackson Hole News & Guide, in an editorial, concurs with the recommended ban. “Gated subdivisions create an ‘us and them’environment, an atmosphere alien to Jackson Hole,” says the newspaper in an editorial. “Gates in Jackson Hole should be used to keep the cows in. That’s all.”

One dissenting voice is from a planning commissioner Joe Palmer. “I can think of people who would need a gated community,” he said. “So I don’t think it’s wise to forbid them.”

(But that begs the question: In Wyoming do you fence to keep the livestock in? Or out?)