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Inches of acres, and some minor triple divides

Letter from Roger Williams

Geography – October 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine


I noticed with amusement that the ad from the Wall Street Journal, “Colorado: An Enviable Position” about “Southfork” that was on page 11 [of the September edition of Colorado Central], and says their sites “are protected by almost 2 mm acres” of National Forest land. This is 2 millimeters or about 1/12 of an inch. (I think they meant million). Of course, an inch of acres doesn’t mean anything.

There are a number of enjoyable minor triple-divide peaks around, James Peak for example. This 13er (4052 m.) separates the waters of South Boulder and Clear creeks and the Fraser River — the first two join the South Platte River, while the other joins the Colorado River and flows the other way; hence it’s on the Continental Divide. It also separates Gilpin, Grand, and Clear Creek counties.

I have enjoyed climbing it from East Portal, St. Mary’s Glacier and Loch Lomond, continuing to Bancroft and North Parry for a 3-peak tour; but not the alleged route from the Fraser valley. It offers fine views of the area.

Is there a climbing route up Antora Peak?

Roger Williams