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Gunnison county may rein in wood-burers

Brief by Allen Best

Environment – March 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

Gunnison County is revisiting the issue of air pollution from fireplaces in unincorporated areas.

Like Vail, Aspen, and many towns in more developed areas, the towns of Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte require fireplaces and woodburning stoves that meet Environmental Protection Agency standards to minimize emissions. Gunnison County almost went the same route in 2003, but instead gave wood- burners the option of paying $1,000 in lieu of installing stoves that pollute less.

But with two of the three commissioners on the board now new, the board will take a new look at it. “Air quality doesn’t have boundaries,” said Hap Channell, one of those new commissioners.