Wolfe repellant?

Letter from Slim Wolfe

Mountain Barbies – March 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

Colorado Central:

I enjoyed the article about local women who are not slaves to fashion. [“The Annual Invasion of the Mountain Barbies” in the February edition.] One might add that many local women also pointedly do not suffer from damsel- in- distress syndrome. Real men (ahem) don’t desire companions who think it’s beneath them to carry a bit of firewood or help stucco the addition, any more than real women want men who are too helpless to fix their own buttons or stir up the pancake batter. This personal sufficiency improves the all- around climate — like fresh air or a pleasant vista.

So why do women who seem otherwise sane and natural persist in painting their nails? Perhaps I’m not the only one who has sat in a small group buck naked in the hot pool and, scanning the sunny skies and green foliage and fellow humans, found the only thing out of place in the natural picture was the nail polish! I don’t get it, so maybe someone will explain the attraction factor of black toenails or day- glo purple fingertips. Think I want to kiss on that?

A cartoon from Slim Wolfe.
A cartoon from Slim Wolfe.

Clueless in paradise

Slim Wolfe

Villa Grove