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Green Berets will invade South Park

Brief by Central Staff

Military – February 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

The wind often provides a good excuse for staying indoors in South Park during March, but the U.S. Army is providing another one: Green Berets will be training there March 1-19.

The scenario, according to Maj. Ernie Benner of the 10th Special Forces Group, is that “You have an armed guerrilla force in your county trying to overthrow the current government. The Green Berets are coming in to help the guerrillas.”

That’s just make-believe, of course, since Park County is a democratic polity that uses recall elections, not armed groups, when it’s time to change the government.

Benner said about 80 soldiers will be involved, with most operations in the national forest between Jefferson and Como, and will involve parachute supply drops, helicopters, and some live small-arms fire in areas that will be cordoned off.

The Green Berets could use some local role-players, and are asking for access to private property, either to cross during the exercise, or to use outbuildings for covert operations centers.

If you’ve got questions, or you’d like to help, you can call Capt. Erik Brown at 719-524-3415.